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Full Moon in Scorpio & Lunar Eclipse Ritual May 2023

Ritual Tools:

Cleansing tool of choice
 (white or yellow)
Permanent marker or pen
Loose piece of paper
1x Fire safe dish
1x Dish with water

Before you begin, prepare your ritual ingredients and set up your sacred space.


Begin by cleansing yourself and then move onto your area and your tools.

As you cleanse, you can say:

“Calling in our Ancestors, Spirit Guides, God, Source, Angels into our circle tonight. We ask that you heighten our intuitive guidance. As we cleanse this space we ask that you hold us up and surround us with light and loving energy. Allow only vibrations of the highest light to settle here. This space is a place of harmony, joy, and abundance. I am grateful for this space. I allow the energy of the moon to absorb all that is no longer needed. I am grat
eful for my mind, body, and soul.” So mote it be.


Start by lighting your candle and then push play on the ritual when you are ready.  When the ritual recording is finished, continue on to complete your ritual. 

Scorpio Full Moon

When you are ready, open your eyes.

Write your words/feelings on your loose paper and light them on fire using your lit candle a match or lighter.

When they are done burning, thank them for keeping you safe and pour your ashes (or whatever is left of your paper) into your water dish.

Feel those energies lifting from your spirit.

Sit with the feeling of all these heavy energies leaving you once and for all.

Close out the ritual by speaking out loud: 

"I release these beliefs from my life. They no longer have access to me in any realm, in any form. They are removed from me physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, energetically. I forgive them and myself for any harm done, as that is the past and so are they. I am free from these attachments. I call back my power. For my highest good I ask that all my energy return to its original state of pure love. I ask that this is bound and complete. And so it is."

You can now journal anything coming through and/or use the Oracle/Tarot spread

Full Moon in Scorpio & Lunar Eclipse OracleTarot Spread.png
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